10 Reasons to Migrate From GSuite to Microsoft 365

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10 Reasons to Migrate From GSuite to Microsoft 365

Are you a GSuite user thinking about making the switch to Microsoft 365? You’re not alone! 

Many individuals and businesses are making the transition for a variety of reasons. In this article, we’ll explore 10 reasons why you should consider migrating from GSuite to Microsoft 365.

Reasons to Migrate From GSuite to Microsoft 365

Reason #1 – Improved communication with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular collaboration tools in Office 365/Microsoft 365, which streamlines workplace communication. Teams serve as a central hub for messaging and meetings, significantly reducing internal email flow.

In contrast, the Google Workspace solution comprises two separate platforms, Meet and Chat, while Teams offers a single interface. Slack-to-Teams migrations are also growing in popularity as organizations look to centralize data and maximize cloud investments.

Reason #2 – Real-time collaboration with OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business is a cloud-based storage solution that enables several people to co-author documents simultaneously, updating a single file rather than emailing new versions each time changes are made. Secure links can also be shared with external contributors, allowing everyone to be on the same page without losing track.

Reason #3 – Enhanced productivity with new tools

In addition to the traditional Office suite apps, Microsoft 365 offers an array of new tools such as Planner, Editor, Forms, and Power BI. These integrated products offer new ways of working, boosting productivity while reducing the specter of shadow IT; you can keep more content within Microsoft rather than multiple third parties.

Reason #4 – Mobility and resiliency 

One of the significant benefits of Microsoft 365 is its cloud connectivity, empowering users to access applications remotely from any device, allowing them to work anywhere and instantly switch between desktop and mobile apps. This feature is particularly helpful for attending Teams meetings while on the move.

Additionally, users can work offline, and files will automatically sync across devices when they reconnect. Cloud access to all email, files, and applications makes business continuity easier should physical devices fail.

Reason #5 – Advanced Security

a) Robust security features: One of the key advantages of Microsoft 365 is its robust security features. Microsoft takes security seriously, and it shows in the suite’s features. The platform offers multifactor authentication, data encryption, threat protection, and compliance features that help organizations protect their data.

b) Compliance with industry standards: Microsoft 365 complies with various industry standards, including ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR, and FERPA, to ensure data protection.

c) Advanced threat protection: Advanced threat protection is a set of security features provided by Microsoft 365 to protect users from advanced cyber threats. Some of the advanced threat protection features offered include Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Microsoft Defender for Office 365, Microsoft Defender for Identity, Azure Active Directory (AD) Identity Protection, and Azure Advanced Threat Protection (ATP).

Reason #6 – Ease of migration from GSuite to Microsoft 365

Migrating from GSuite to Microsoft 365 is a straightforward process thanks to Microsoft’s migration tools and support. This means that organizations can quickly and easily switch to Microsoft 365 without losing any data or productivity.

Reason #7 – Superior support and reliability

Microsoft 365 offers 24/7 customer support, ensuring that organizations receive assistance whenever they need it. Additionally, Microsoft guarantees a 99.9% uptime for its services, which ensures maximum availability and reliability.

Reason #8 – Greater control

Microsoft 365 offers seamless integration with other Microsoft services, such as OneDrive, 

SharePoint, Teams, Power BI, and more. This enables organizations to create a unified digital workplace and collaborate more efficiently.

With Microsoft 365, organizations can also have greater control over their data.

Administrators can set up policies and rules for data access, sharing, and storage. Additionally, Microsoft offers advanced security features that protect data from unauthorized access and data breaches.

Reason #9 – Customization options

Microsoft 365 offers a wide range of customization options, including custom domains, branding, and templates. This enables organizations to create a personalized experience for their employees and customers.

Reason #10 – Constant updates and innovation

Microsoft is continually updating and improving its services to ensure that organizations have access to the latest features and technology. This ensures that organizations can stay ahead of the competition and remain productive and efficient.

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