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Video Surveillance as a Key Element of Your Business

While we seem to operate in a fully digital economy and many of the news we encounter seem to focus on the cyber-threat taking businesses as hostages, physical protection of the assets continues to be an important need for organizations.

In this sense, video surveillance powered by security camera systems is a tool of outstanding value to achieve these goals. CCTV and IP-network solutions are great options for organizations that understand the importance of keeping their assets in check, monitoring their facilities, and managing potential workplace risks such as fires and unauthorized physical access.

Why Are Security Camera Systems Important?

Security camera systems, in their many forms available today, power video surveillance and fulfill security necessities at millions of facilities all around the world. 

Since the early developments of audio/video technologies, such solutions have been used by individuals and organizations to monitor, control, and protect their assets. And then, over the decades, we have seen how these technologies have experienced an extraordinary evolution to provide us with even more advantages. Today, HD video cameras with wireless IP access have become so affordable that there are no valid excuses to leave our premises unprotected. We can even have full access to our surveillance systems from our smartphones and tablets.

For most users, security camera systems are the backbone of their security efforts. Having an army of security guards trying to patrol a large facility such as a factory would be simply nonsense these days. Technology has given us abundant tools already to be highly efficient and effective in our security efforts.

Security Camera Systems by Layer Logix

At LayerLogix, we assist our clients with their security needs by designing systems that cover every pressing flank. With valuable experience using the best technologies available in the market, our team can take care of all aspects, from the main infrastructure and network to the different types of cameras that your facilities may need.

These are some of the benefits of choosing LayerLogix for your security camera needs:

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Comprehensive Audit of Your Real Security Needs

We are not here to install more equipment than the one you actually need. Instead, our expert team will carry out a comprehensive audit of your facilities to determine the precise needs you potentially have, also taking into consideration your personal preferences and budget.

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Upgrades Without the Extra Cost

If you have existing surveillance equipment in place, our experts will make the most of it for you by adding fully compatible high-end video cameras with HD capabilities and other, newer features, this without the extra cost of upgrading the existing infrastructure.

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The Best Equipment in the Market, Available to Your Business

It will always depend on your organization’s needs but at LayerLogix, all options are on the table. We work with market-leading solutions in security camera systems, including the latest development such as CCTV-powered by machine learning identifies situations and triggers alerts.

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Planning for the Long Term

Our team designs and installs for the long term. This means that your business will have a security camera system that will be effective for years with minimum maintenance and no upgrades. The quality is meant to extend the lifetime of your system.

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