Take Your Organization's Connectivity to the Next Level with Wireless PtP Solutions

There are no limits for your network infrastructure with wireless PtP and Wi-Fi bridging. You can now bring secure, high-speed connectivity to the most challenging scenarios.


Wireless Solutions that Expand your Business Capabilities

PtP solutions with wireless bridging enable organizations to enjoy stable network connectivity where the possibility of cabling is highly limited or inexistent. The most usual scenario is IT infrastructures that involve large distances. With the use of PtP equipment as radio and antennas, we can transform Ethernet data into wireless signals and back to Ethernet. This way, organizations can keep their systems online despite the lack of physical cabling.

This is a highly versatile and cost-effective solution for organizations that are expanding and growing, in need of an increasingly functional IT infrastructure. With wireless PtP networks, it is easy to connect multiple buildings, replace existing physical cabling installations in a cheap way, and establish disaster recovery links.

At LayerLogix, we have been helping clients with scenarios like these, setting up the fully-functional infrastructures for them to continue operating in a stable, secure fashion. Wireless PtP networks are highly versatile, cost-effective, and can easily bring a plethora of benefits to businesses.

Reasons to Choose Wireless PtP Solutions with LayerLogix

Choosing wireless PtP solutions for your business may be the easiest way to avoid headaches and save money. Wi-Fi bridging is a great example of this. The team behind LayerLogix is ready to give you more than one reason to choose this solution for your organization.

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Avoid Headaches in Difficult Scenarios

Need to network a large facility or two or more buildings? Perhaps a more traditional, physical cabling installation isn't the best idea then. With Wi-Fi bridging, your organization can enjoy a fully-functional, stable network without the use of massive amounts of cable.

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Security Comes First

Many times overlooked by service providers, cyber-security is a pressing priority for IT. Our company enjoys vast experience in cyber-security matters, so we make sure that the products and services we provide possess a high grade of protection.

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Complete Planning & Implementation

At LayerLogix, we take care of the entire process, from planning and designing to implementation and potential troubleshooting of your new wireless PtP network installation. Our team of IT experts don't leave until your organization is fully enjoying the benefits of the investment.

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Greater Scalability

For businesses with the aim of continuing to grow, wireless PtP networks can bring major opportunities to the table. With Wi-Fi bridging, it becomes exceptionally easier to continue upgrading and expanding IT infrastructures and access new features at a low cost.

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